When Holidays Collide, and Other Bits of Randomness

Posted on Feb 7, 2013 at 8:29 AM in Blogging, Family


  • Within the scope of one window I can choose to celebrate Christmas or Valetine’s Day! Nice, huh? Definitely classy.
  • When it’s warmish outside I like walking Livia to school. Getting the blood pumping before academic learning is a good thing I hear.
  • I do not like the return walk home when Nebraska continually and deliberately blows cold wind at my ears. My poor ears are the reason I sometimes do an awkward loping run between the corner and home. Also quite classy.
  • In 2nd grade I remember having a crush on a classmate. What I did not have what the gumption to say so. Oh my poor daughter! She has plenty of gumption, God help us all.
  • My husband organized and cleaned the kitchen nook last night, that conspicuous corner where crafts, random small toys and paperwork go to die. I love him all the more for his organizational skills and the way he applies them on my behalf. (You are awesome, Jeremy Tredway.)
  • It’s February. Know what that means? Spring is just around the corner. Hang in there, fellow Nebraskans—we’ve got this.
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