Chasing the Sun

Posted on Mar 18, 2017 at 7:24 PM in Lincoln Nebraska, Photography


This is where I sat while the McDonalds kitchen staff threw two cheeseburgers (ketchup only!) and a container of hot fries in a bag. I don’t know what was up with my mood this evening, but I felt like a 10 on the aggressive chart. Itchy. Irritable. Desperately wanting something but I couldn’t pinpoint what. Unsatisfied with Facebook and housework in equal proportions, so eager to see something green and alive and to feel the warm sun on my shoulders again. I think I am simply craving life beyond the four walls of my home! If I had my own jet I surely would’ve flown to a tropical location tonight and watched the sun set over the Pacific Ocean with drink in my hand.

Since Jeremy is on a big project at work, I decided to chase down the sun. Livia, my Nikon, and McDonalds came along for the ride. What follows is a drive around my side of Lincoln, with stops in optimal locations for looking west. I picked up eggs and bread for the week at a grocery store, then did a series of loops and circling when the sun would capture my eye in a new spot. I think I damaged my eyesight a little in the process.

It was worth it.









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