December 4

Posted on Dec 4, 2017 at 12:55 PM in December Photo Project, Photography

It’s December 4 and we’re having the nicest December weather ever in Nebraska. If you see a plethora of silly “Frost” jokes flying around, it’s because Nebraskans have, apparently, a very cheesy sense of humor and we’re all endlessly excited about Scott Frost returning to coach the Husker football team. Personally, I’m terrified he’s going to fail and then what will Husker nation do? GUYS, BE COOL AREADY. [insert frost joke here]

This week is study week before finals. I may go a bit more silent than usual because it’s hard to find time to study and I procrastinate just as much as the next student.

But first, this little munchkin, holding tight to a fistful of candy, posed for me today. So much love for this cutie. #dpp2017

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