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December 14

“Dad! You’re supposed to close your eyes!”

This project makes me laugh more and more each day.

December 13

One of us had zero chill during this briefest of shoots. And it wasn’t me. #dpp2017

December 12

Today my brain is mush. My featured subject, however, has enough brains and beauty for the both of us.

December 11

If you all think it’s weird to look at so many pics of people with their eyes closed, trust me when I say it also gets weird to take that many pics. Everyone has been cooperative though!

The other thing I’ve noticed is how this project might feel more cohesive if I had shot everyone in the same spot under the same lighting conditions. This shot of Yinka was taken 25 feet away from yesterday’s shot of the mini drummer. Amazing what a difference a few feet can make. #dpp2017

December 10

Such cuteness! Such a good sport, too. #dpp2017

December 9

Asking people to pose with their eyes closed is a hoot. I highly recommend it. Featured today is one of my favorites artists. This one astounds me on a regular basis with her creativity. #dpp2017

December 8

This one, she radiates joy.

December 7

THIS GUY. We both work from home and we laugh together every day. Today’s DPP poses were hilarious.

For those who don’t know my incredible husband, you can get a bit more insight into his life via this piece from Storyhook. Not having hands means struggling every single day with something… zippers, buttons, cutting a steak for dinner or rebooting a computer. If you really want to empathize, toss on a pair of oven mitts or mittens for 30 minutes and see how easy life is! All kinds of things become hard or seemingly unfair when you don’t have hands, but Jeremy is not a complainer. His willingness to deal with hard situations encourages me. Sometimes we both have physical hardships, but I couldn’t create a better partner for me than this guy. God knew what he was doing when Jeremy and I met. Despite all our ups and downs, I’m grateful for him! He makes me better. #dpp2017

December 6

Me at 40.

December 5

Can you see the eyebrow raise I’m getting here from my friend? This shot will make me laugh every time I see it. And those gorgeous cheekbones. This one is dear to me.

This image was snapped Sunday and posted today. I cannot recall ever doing this for the DPP; it’s just not how I operate normally. But this week is not normal, it’s the week before finals and I’m struggling to keep up with normal life + holiday celebrations + schoolwork. In short, I am not Superwoman and so a photo shot on Sunday and edited and posted on Tuesday will work swimmingly. #dpp2017