December 20


Look who handed me my white mocha this afternoon! MADDIE!!! It was honestly the brightest moment in my day. Barista Maddie in the window—my first time seeing her at Starbucks—holding a warm beverage of happiness. It was just the ray of sunlight I needed.

December 19





Car selfies with my young friend. We totally cracked ourselves up.

December 18


My dad. I love this guy.

December 17


Photography lessons learned from my DPP shoot today:

1) White dogs aren’t always photogenic. In fact, you can hardly see them sometimes.
2) It’s always a good idea to experiment with shooting from various angles—for sure you should try moving around when you’re working. However, candy canes in silver buckets do not look that interesting from the bottom side. Go figure.
3) When shooting glassware, make sure it’s clean.

The end. And you’re welcome.

December 16


My beautiful friend Rachel and her girlies, decorating cookies on this December morning.

December 15


Memories of Disneyland last summer provide a personal escape from the cold, windswept landscape of Nebraska in winter. It was warm there and we wore sandals and tank tops and basked in the sun. It was magical because it was Disney after all. It was almost non-stop fun. And there was a beach nearby. And we stayed in the resort hotel. Soaked in the hot tub. Watched the fireworks. Ah… It was a wonderful trip and we have an ornament on our tree to remember all the good times.

December 14


Every year. The paper, the scissors, and music playing in the background. Snowflakes are one tradition I can easily do right now and they’re so pretty to look at. Win-win.

December 13


The Redeemer Christmas party is always a fun time. Lots of yummy food, great people, and a white elephant gift exchange that is always hilarious.

Tonight I am very tired, but will go to bed laughing. Laughing on the inside. External laughing would require too much energy. Goodnight!

December 12


I love my state. I love the cornfields and the long stretches of prairie. I love the Midwestern spirit.

I do not particularly like the landscape nor the temperatures come winter. However, today the weather was glorious and it reminded me of how much I adore spring. Until then, I will dream of warm beaches, peruse seed catalogs and perhaps start pricing sun lamps.

December 11


This is my 10 steps back shot. You should see the close-ups I have on the new dishes Jeremy bought me as a birthday present last week. Maybe you will in January.

Back when I was a 20 year old newlywed—let’s just pause for a moment and let that statement sink in—I used plain white dishes from Target. I decorated the table a lot in those days and loved changing out placemats and tablecloths and centerpieces. It was a glorious time in the late 90′s and I had no children, okay? There were lots of blue and green checked patterns in my life. Eventually I came to embrace my profound love of COLOR and I think it was Jenni Kluver’s Fiestaware collection that gave me the nudge I needed. I have happy dishes now. Very happy. And piece by piece I add something new to my shelves. The white remains and assists me in serving larger crowds. Now, instead of placemats, I decorate a table with plates.

Jeremy ordered four happy red dinner plates and gave them to his 37 year old happy wife last week on the happiest day of the year—her birthday. He’s a keeper, that one.