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December 1

December is finally here!! I awoke to a note on our kitchen chalkboard wishing me a happy early birthday and that kind of nailed it in terms of my love for this month. I start out anticipating both my birthday and Jesus’ (um, you really can’t ask for more than that) and the entire month feels celebratory. Love it.


This year I am super indecisive about a theme for my DPP shots. My general desire is to not carry my professional camera around town with me, but I also really love shooting with it (even though it’s got focus issues that will not get fixed to due to its age). So for now, I’m going to post iPhone documentary-style photography on my Instagram feed—and push them through to Facebook. And I’ll post Nikon D2x images here, just because I want to. When that gets overwhelming, as I imagine it will, I’ll shoot just one image and post it somewhere. There, that’s my plan.

Happy December, friends!

Digging in the Yard


I took Shiloh, our 6 year old Coton de Tulear, to visit his veterinarian the other day. Since we’ve been fostering, I haven’t been on top of many smallish matters of life, so Shiloh was a bit late on his vaccinations. On the phone the receptionist told me to bring in a stool sample. O-kay. All day long I stayed glued to the bathroom activities of the dog—super fun, let me tell you—and finally at dusk his little dog body hunched in that familiar pose. I ran for a plastic baggy and when I came back? He was eagerly waiting at the door to be let in.

Have you ever seen a person act oddly in their yard or out on the street? You wonder what in the world they could be doing? Well, that was me that evening. Not only was the sun well on its way past the horizon but the yard was covered in small patches of snow, thus turning this experience into a real life Where’s Waldo with dog poop. I like to imagine the neighbors saying, “Honey, come see this! What in the world do you think she’s doing??” Because there I was, iPhone held high like a torch shining down on the ground with its capable flashlight app, making circles in the yard. I couldn’t have had more intensity in my pursuit if I had dropped my engagement ring. And you know what? I was successful. I WON! I won the, um, stool sample award? Yeah. Who’s keeping tabs on my awesomeness?

So yesterday was another moment like this one, except more gratifying because there was an end product and less humiliating because it didn’t involve poop. As many of you know I frequently collaborate with Maralee Bradley on columns both for her blog and for Her View from Home. Sometimes Maralee will come to me with a specific need, but more often it involves general ideas and I get to figure out what it is we’re looking for in terms of art. (My favorite example of this was when Maralee and I both received new foster children in a matter of days. She literally ran into my house and mumbled something like, “Now Hulk likes them, now Hulk doesn’t” and that was it. Somehow we made it work and it was one of my favorite shoots because I got to play with toys like a kid.)

I knew Maralee was looking for images of plants pushing their way through snow as they come up in the spring. After searching my archives and coming up with nothing, I went exploring. In the snow. And the wind. In the snowy wind. Snow rarely ever delicately floats to the ground in Nebraska; it usually comes down in a sideways driving-rain kind of maneuver, only it was driving frozen bits flying into my eyeballs. So again, were the neighbors wondering what in the world was going on with Mrs. Tredway yesterday? Kneeling on a plastic Trader Joe’s tote bag, I dug through the dirt and dried hosta leaves and found green gold. There it was: Spring making its way through Winter. Spring! It’s coming. Doesn’t matter that we were having a mini-blizzard on the last day of February or that snow is frozen in large patches on the sunken part of our front yard. Doesn’t matter that we’re still donning hats and mittens to run errands or that my snow boots are encrusted in salt from so many days of winter wear. Spring is coming.


I should’ve gotten on my hands and knees earlier. No matter what the neighbors might say.

El Poocheroo


2013 – March 2


We believe in cozy around here.

What I Saw

… when I looked through the front windows this morning. One bright cheerful face, happy her mom was watching. One inquisitive fur-face, wondering when he’ll be let back in. Here we are, Snow Day #2.



December 14

As I suspected, there will be a learning curve for all of us with this foster baby.

First up for Shiloh: diapers are not for eating. He’ll get it eventually.

December 4

Shiloh, our almost 4 year old dog, gets lots of attention from the women in the household (and not nearly as much from the sole male). Today Livia trained him to “high five” for kibbles—and then she left him a little note of love on the kitchen floor.

Sunday Morning Cuddles

Going to evening church has its perks. Our Sunday mornings start out slow and easy, with cartoons and cereal and cuddles. We spend the day as a family and then head to worship in the evening. Here are a few shots of our day so far, including a moment where Livia said, “Yeah, I got the butt end.” I bet you can figure out when she stated that fact.

Shiloh Mugs for the Camera

When Shiloh is cute, I wish for another Coton. I imagine two white dogs running around the house, sleeping together in the dog beds and being generally adorable. But then I am forced to consider potty-training (ugh), the spaying/neutering process (double ugh) and pet bills times two (ouch) and for a moment I am content with the one pooch.

I tell you what, though. If another bestie of mine has a baby this week, I just might run to Heartland Classics and pick up a puppy. A woman’s gotta have something little to love!

First Snowfall

Not only did we get our first snowfall in Lincoln yesterday, it was that gorgeous, wet kind of snow that blankets every single skinny branch and drapes over everything, making the television and telephone cable lines objects of beauty. The sun came out this morning and then the world began to really sparkle.

I can see Renae out my back window. She’s snapping away at the snowy grandeur as well. We just can’t stay away. Even the trees in their snowy fleeces are praising God this morning.