December Photo Project


WHAT IS THE DPP: Years ago, when blogs were all the rage, I challenged myself to take one photo and post it for the first 25 days of December. My challenge turned into a project that my friends participated in, and there you go. We now look forward to the DPP all year long. One photo a day, for 25 days straight. ‘Tis the season.

WHO CAN JOIN: Anyone and everyone can join because… One, the DPP is awesome. Two, December tends to be a great month for celebrations, and three, photography is available to everyone. What you bring to the table is up to you. Shoot with your professional gear or your phone, whatever you do, just pick one image per day.

DO I SIGN UP: Simply sign in here. If you have a blog, Facebook URL or Instagram site where you’ll be posting, share that. Also—new this year—write down where you are. It should be fun to track DPPers!

DPP 2016 BADGE: See the red 2016 image floating around Facebook? You can grab a badge and post it your newsfeed, Twitter feed or Instagram account.

FACEBOOK PAGE: Because we can and because we want to share the love… Facebook Group page. Feel free to like it even if you aren’t participating.

HASHTAG: Mark your pics and tweets with #DPP2016.

91 Participants

December 5


Can anyone else feel how important it is to stop and see beauty right now? It’s been a long political season and I don’t feel like engaging anymore. The news seems overwhelming this week with Oakland’s warehouse fire and other hard stories. Friends are struggling with surgeries and hard relationships, their children’s hardships and financial needs. That’s not all mine to handle, though my heart tries to tell me it is—oh the negatives of being empathetic, right? However… at some point in my day my fellow DPPers are forcing me to move slowly, to see beauty, to capture it, label it, hashtag it and share it with world. There is beauty to be found. And we’re doing it! We’re finding the gracious moments God’s given us, the blessings beyond all counting, all right here in the midst of the ugliness and hardness of life.

The bright white clouds in their furrows against a rich blue December sky. God’s sweet gift to my afternoon middle school pickup. White orchids on my dining room table. Elegant and extraordinary, they send birthday love from my family.

Lord, open my eyes that I may see this amazing world. Open my heart and remind me that You control it all. Amen.