December Photo Project


What & How: Take one photo each day for the first 25 days of December and post it to your blog (or Facebook album or Flickr page, you get the idea). In this month of celebrations, there is always something new to see and document each day. The DPP is a fun way to challenge yourself creatively and share the results with your friends on a daily basis.

Why & Who: Anyone and everyone can join up becauseā€¦ 1) it’s awesome, and 2) December is my favorite month of the year, and 3) we’re all artists in some way and the medium of photography allows for memory-making from folks of all walks of life and all levels of skill.

How do I participate? Simply sign up here. By filling out your name and giving me your blog (or FB or Flickr or Instagram) address, you will also be giving me permission to feature one of your photos on the DPP page.

Badge: Designed by the awesome and talented Eleanor firm! Check out their work at Photograph courtesy Dennis Walz Photography. Grab a badge and post it to your blog.

Facebook: Continuing the tradition started last year, we’ll utilize our Facebook Group page. Because we can and because we want to share the love. Feel free to like it even if you aren’t participating.

Flickr: If you like to use Flickr, check out our December Photo Project 2014 pool here.

Instagram & Twitter: Mark your pics and tweets with #DPP2014.

December 20


Look who handed me my white mocha this afternoon! MADDIE!!! It was honestly the brightest moment in my day. Barista Maddie in the window—my first time seeing her at Starbucks—holding a warm beverage of happiness. It was just the ray of sunlight I needed.