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December 15


Funny how a bowl of pears can delight me so much. There’s something about the glass, the fruit, the light that captures my attention over and over.

December 14


First opportunity for Christmas treats and I pick caramel popcorn. Yum.

December 13


December 12


Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible is what you grab for reading material when you’re leaving your parents’ house and your child wants to go swing at Pioneers Park. The swing, you know, is a magical place for singing and exploring miles of imaginary worlds. It takes some time to swing. As it turns out, it also takes some time to read Matthew Henry’s Commentary on THE WHOLE BIBLE.

December 11


December 10


This one. She gives me a nudge in the costume department and I can’t help but join her in some sort of crazy scheme. All the elf love for Redeemer tonight. Yummy treats, great company, and as always, a hilarious white elephant tradition was upheld. We now have a literal white elephant in the house. Maybe he’ll show up on the DPP. You never know.

December 9


My server was down last night, but really and truly I shot this and posted it to the Facebook DPP page before midnight. But just barely! I forgot my camera all day long and did one of those “what can I shoot” searches around the house just before 11pm. The go-to at that time of night, without natural light, is lights of course. I had a few other funky shots and knew this one would be interesting as well. The lines within the image and the strange blue bokeh intrigued me. It was the clear winner for Day 9 of the December Photo Project.

December 8


Christmas trees contain a little bit of magic, I think.

December 7


December 6


It’s all about the people.

Thank you, friends, for loving me and supporting me and making me a better person as we journey through this life together. Thirty-nine years down!