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December 4

It’s December 4 and we’re having the nicest December weather ever in Nebraska. If you see a plethora of silly “Frost” jokes flying around, it’s because Nebraskans have, apparently, a very cheesy sense of humor and we’re all endlessly excited about Scott Frost returning to coach the Husker football team. Personally, I’m terrified he’s going to fail and then what will Husker nation do? GUYS, BE COOL AREADY. [insert frost joke here]

This week is study week before finals. I may go a bit more silent than usual because it’s hard to find time to study and I procrastinate just as much as the next student.

But first, this little munchkin, holding tight to a fistful of candy, posed for me today. So much love for this cutie. #dpp2017

December 3

Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Connecting the disconnected as we love God, love people, and love Lincoln. I’m so grateful for this space every Sunday morning. The word of God is preached and lived out in warmth and love. Everyone is welcome here. #dpp2017

December 2

This one has my heart.

Also, shooting this series is going to be a lot of fun. #dpp2017

December 1

It’s been so long since I pulled out my professional camera, since I enjoyed looking closely at faces. This medium grabs me and makes me pay attention. It combines my love of people with my love of light and art. All the things come together and the synapses start firing in a different way.

Looking up from a textbook to find a creative task is the most rewarding of moments. Whether it’s baking or trying a new recipe for dinner, shooting and editing the tiny squint lines on a tiny four-year-old’s face or lighting candles for an evening of conversation, those creative juices must flow. The December Photo Project grants permission to stop and notice, to pause and create without guilt.

Let’s do this thing. #dpp2017

December Photo Project 2017

December Photo Project 2017

Oh my goodness, it’s time for the DPP! The only reason—oooooonly reason—I keep going on with this gig is because you all do it with me. Your enthusiasm for it is, to me, like the clapping of hands to revive Tinker Bell on the staged productions of Peter Pan. The past two years I’ve been a seminary student and we all know how academia tries to suck all the fun out of the holiday season. But still, you all clap, and I drag my tired fairy-student self to an upright position and we keep going forward together.

As always I am grateful to those who help me get the December Photo Project off the ground. This year Catherine Biba produced a delightful and fun image for us to use—thank you so much, friend!–and it is my Favorite Web Developer who gets it all up and running. Thank you, my love.

Tomorrow we eat turkey and thank the Lord for his many blessings in our lives, but tonight, we sign up for the DPP. Let’s do this!

December 25



December 24


December 23


This is my beloved friend Rebecca and she’s my absolute favorite Christmas elf. Every year she comes over to help me wrap all our Christmas presents. It’s tradition that we watch Elf—with Livia lounging on the couches in front of us so she can’t see the gifts—and that we drink Diet Mountain Dew.

I’m so grateful for Rebecca’s help when my own joints get cranky after hours of repetitive tasks. This girl is a joy and a blessing to us!

December 22


It’s this beautiful woman’s birthday today! (It’s also my parents’ 45th wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!) It’s a sign of true adulthood when it’s your birthday and you go to a friend’s house to celebrate her 5 year old instead.

December 21


We’re hamster-sitting and Livia is in heaven. Our mouse—Dash—isn’t allowed out after the Escaping Act of 2016, so Liv is super happy to be a hands-on rodent sitter for our friends. Shiloh seems utterly perplexed why we’d keep more delightfully stinky vermin in cages instead of letting him chase them. I, too, am stymied by what our lives have become.

Just another day in the life of Dr. Dolittle’s Mama. Note: Dr. Dolittle also likes chocolate chip cookies. Can ya tell?