Monthly Archive: November 2017


There’s something so satisfying in the quiet after a party is over. Everything echoes of the warmth and love that existed a few hours before. Counters now clean were filled with platters of comforting foods. The empty sink and wet dishcloths cleaned glass upon glass. The dinner table still bears a centerpiece but now only a few crumbs remain to remind me of the feast enjoyed by all who sat here. Memories of family and laughter and moments are all tucked away in my mind after a good Thanksgiving was held. I’m grateful for this space because it can hold these people. And these people are worth remembering.

December Photo Project 2017

December Photo Project 2017

Oh my goodness, it’s time for the DPP! The only reason—oooooonly reason—I keep going on with this gig is because you all do it with me. Your enthusiasm for it is, to me, like the clapping of hands to revive Tinker Bell on the staged productions of Peter Pan. The past two years I’ve been a seminary student and we all know how academia tries to suck all the fun out of the holiday season. But still, you all clap, and I drag my tired fairy-student self to an upright position and we keep going forward together.

As always I am grateful to those who help me get the December Photo Project off the ground. This year Catherine Biba produced a delightful and fun image for us to use—thank you so much, friend!–and it is my Favorite Web Developer who gets it all up and running. Thank you, my love.

Tomorrow we eat turkey and thank the Lord for his many blessings in our lives, but tonight, we sign up for the DPP. Let’s do this!